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[ Lineup ] Edo Itachi vs Rin


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Is itachi worthless now with the release of Rin having a permanent 90% dmg reduction to mysteries?

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worthless is kinda.... you still have the sleep and 50% nin reduction... and i doubt anyone uses edo itachi as pos1

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I wouldn't say worthless but Summer Kurenai and New Year Hashi who everyone has at this point are giving Itachi a run for his money for sure. You're probably better of saving your coupons and just staying with Summer Kurenai/New Year Hashi. Also Edo Itachi only reduces damage that is pure ninjutsu damage so he can't counter Kisames or anything else that has both Taijutsu and Ninjutsu as attribute for its attack, so for the damage reduction only Rin is pretty much always better.

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