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Why treasure ninjas are no good?


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Maybe Zetsu SB, Madara Founder and Edo Hashi have some use, Yagura Edo probs.... but everything else is collectors stuff.

Any ideas on the matter?

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They're good when you start.

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Yeah a lot of those are good for an early start like I'd say the Kushi-Jinpachi-Sasori strategy might work ok until you get better ninjas that you save coupons for. Also a lot of the support ninjas you get are pretty good like those you mentioned already. I do think some others not included in the GNW Treasure are useful like Chojuro for Ninja Exams or Mifune for general support. Jinchuriki Ninjas have fallen quite a bit though, the best one right now is still just Seven Sword Style Bee for support (who you don't even get from the Jinchu Treasure) but the others like Roshi and Han aren't very useful in todays meta.

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