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[ Lineup ] Tobirama Edo needs a buff/rework


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Unfortunately he is utterly worthless, his barrier may have been nice once upon a time but with kisame everywhere thats out the window. And even with breaks he is still one of the most useless characters in the entire game, despite being the inventor of basically every single ninjutsu throughout the entirety of the anime.

His break dodge says "60%" but he dodges drastically less than suigetsu with his "30% and madara gnw with his claimed "20%"

We had his breaks forever, except his most useful one, that has now finally been added and it does not work. Despite what the skill description says and despite the tag icon appearing over immune characters, the effects of tag are not actually applied to the characters. A mod in the "support" section said that irremovable tag and regular tag are different effects, which means irremovable tag does squat, puts an icon over the characters head but doesnt count towards characters whose mysteries target tag and the they dont take increased damage. What the mod said is a lie to cover up that they have ruined the best skill of tobi.

If you need any proof of that, ask someone with hidan akatsuki inception. His mystery targets "tag" and that includes immune characters that have been hit with his chase applying "irremovable tag". That right there is proof in-game that tobi's tag doesnt actually do anything

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