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[ Events ] Powerful Item Pack V and VI


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so i was confused as i could find nowhere that says what it is in the item pack VI if anyone could tell me the drops.

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Powerful Item Optional Pack V contains the following:

Cave Key x80, Charm Material Pack x8, Training Potion x100, Secret Scroll Optional Pack x5, New Refine Optional Pack x8

Powerful Optional Pack VI contains the following:
Cave Key x60, Charm Materials Pack x6, Training Potions x60, Secret Scroll Optional Pack x3, New Refine Optional Pack x6

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If it's from fuku deals, I believe that it should be Kimono Shisui, Sage Kabuto, Kisame Samehada Fusion, and Madara GNW, as well as Powerful Item Optional Pack.

If it's crazy slot machine, first prize is 10k cps, 80 frags of Shisui Susanoo, Madara 10 tails jinchuriki, 180 Ronin Naruto, 100 Kimimaro. Second place is like 8 frags of Edo Minato, Shisui Susanoo, Hidan akatsuki/Kakuzi akatsuki

This is all i know off the top of my head.

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