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[ Suggestions ] SpaceTime Rewards in 2021


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I would like to talk about Spacetime rewards in 2021. The game changed so much in last 4 (I think?) years since the release of the game but spacetime rewards are almost the same and have literally no value for most of the players. (spacetime winners breakthrough pills only thing thats worth it)

Let's take a look at the bottom tier rewards (correct me if im wrong):

Right now if you let's say win all the group fights and lose to the whale in group finals or quarter finals you get 7 / 9 seal and summon scrolls (EXP and Coins I don't even count them as reward at this point). Those rewards were never that good in the first place but right now maybe outside of new servers (doubt it tho) even seal scrolls have almost no value.

Why is that a big problem for the game? I think it's pretty bad design if this most hype PvP event in the game outside of cross gnw (<- would love to upgrade those rewards as well) gives almost no rewards and players don't have that drive anymore to compete in those events since there are no rewards.

I have 1,1m power myself and skip most spacetime events cuz it feels like it's a waste of time with no rewards, what's really bad is that most AFK semi and huge whales still go to group finals or even higher with out logging single time for spacetime cuz nobody cares about this event that should be sick.

My suggestion is: completly rework rewards in spacetime, getting something for being high in the spacetime pre season would be nice change as well but if that's impossible at least upgrade those pack rewards from spacetime fights itself. I would suggest to put power increase items in those packs or just and that would be the best generic coupons rewards. I don't understand how Zenith event has so much better rewards than Spacetime event PvP. Don't want to go into details how much coupons etc in each pack i would give since there is no point but I really hope Oasis team takes a look at this and make changes.

Hype spacetime rewards = more competition = better time for players with out breaking the ecosystem of the game = more money for Oasis and the future of the game

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