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Refinement advice


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so i have about 300 medium refinements right now (we're a fairly new server) at what level should i stop for pos1 or should i spend it all on her? and at what level should i stop? for maximum profit?

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best is to collect 500 and do the rebate. focus on p1 like lv.6 and then lv9

If you like balanced play do the initiative and crit on p1, then deffence and control on p2 and so on

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Most go to lvl 7 for P1-P4, then lvl 10 for P1. Epic refinements go beyond, so you might go above lvl 10 for P1 depending on your amount and spend level.

***If you stop at level 9 you will lose 200 advanced refinements when you raise to level 10. Using the rebate from 9 to 10 gives you 200 advanced refines, it would be in your best interest to take advantage.***

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how do i get as much advance and epic refine as possible?

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