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[ Ninja Exam ] Ninja Exam 450 (P2W team)


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So this little RNG fiesta * took me almost 3 hours to beat, i used karin taka teams etc.. but only this one worked out:



Power: 800k+

Strategy, moreless:

Suigetsu must have lowest health, almost every round is RNG, full gold kisame + kakuzu (kisame : Y+1 +2 +2 +2 Y+1 top to bottom)

1st wave:
First round your kakuzu/main should not be under control, so you c*e them to clear debuffs on Kisame/Suigetsu then use kisame to hit Kabuto and hopefully most of the units on top team should be dead too.

Second round is cleaning rest of the mess.

Third-10th round is fight against Puppet and getting as much Shields on Kisame/Kakuzu as possible

2nd wave:

First round wait after Danzo use slash and pray to god he wont hit your kisame with chase, if he immobile him try to use main to heal if you have him, if dont, restart.

Use kisame on tsunade and hopefully most of the ninjas should be dead, then use suigetsu on tsunade and kakuzu on Danzo/Minato/Hashirama if any of them is alive, if not, save it.

Second/10th round, basically fight against puppets, aim middle one first, then top one then bottom one, with all your attacks.

Credits for team idea to 2016092703jzRZo from CN forum.

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I dont have Suigetsu, but if you replace him with SB gnw Madara it works too. my power is 950k

ps. less then 3 hours

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