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[ Bugs ] naruto (*y no justu) not working in rogue ninja


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I'm using naruto *y no justu in a lot of them because he got a good buff damage vs any male and dont need to load a buff move saving some seconde in time event.

Or strangely in rogue ninja, the enemy there are not male (even orochimaru, itachi and 100% male unit). When some unit survive the mystery of my kisame, my second unit to trigger is naruto. Or naruto just dont trigger his/her mystery passing to my third unit. You can see he attempt to use it, spend chakra for it ( begin the fight with 60 chakra) and just do nothing like when there only female unit on the field. The only 2 possiblity here are: all unit ninja are female (even male unit, that disturbing XD) or they have no gender.

Could you correct this so rogue ninja enemy get there affinity like in other event because if it's happen for naruto *y no justu, it's will probably happen to unit like madara warring that deal huge amount of damage to none konoha unit, mei and shizuka that get a damage boost to male unit, etc.

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Hello, I believe this is caused because the game registers these "characters" as puppets, instead of characters. However, I will ask in regards to this.

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