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[ Suggestions ] Add old ninja to seals pack


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I think it's would be the time to add old ninja that cant be found in game anymore to seals pack. Some could come back in existing pack because they already fit in those: like edo hanzo, shin, dan could go in edo pack, kushina(normal) in one of the jinchu pack, tobirama (kage) and tsunade (kage) in pain pack. Maybe create new pack for those event ninja like christmas one or new years (event seals pack could be good). You could event create new seals pack and do a rotation of all pack so we get always the same amount of pack to open but new one each month.

A lot of those old ninja are still good, not meta and not game breaking anymore and will be a good add to any new player and a way to get those ninja that never appear anymore in any event.

I think that updating and doing better seals pack rotation for recruitement feedback would be good thing. The only pack that changing in this event is the limited one, never doing rotation with other like pain seals pack.

It's could improved the game so new player could get a chance to get old ninja like tsunade kage or minato kage without introducing them back in event and would let the choice to the player to go for them if they like too. And it's will be less frustating for player that already own those ninja to be force to get more part for them in event when they dont need them anymore.

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Hello, thank you for your suggestion, I will pass it along.

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