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[ Suggestions ] Mac users- how to play Naruto Online after flash shutdown


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Any ETA for the client for Mac users? I'm not a Mac user but one of my seniors is my group is and she is very important to us as a player and a person. I hope it is soon because I'm not sure Oasis is really committed to helping Mac users other than vague answers of it is coming. OK when? The senior in my group is one of the pillars of my group and a human factor of why the hell some people still get up everyday to play a game that has screwed us over repeatedly over the years. Losing players like that is how servers die Oasis. My server and group is one of the most active in my server cluster. We die and our cluster starts to die. Not that Oasis seems to care. Please fix this issue or ban me or don't ban me from the forums. Either way I have said what I have to say. At least give us some actual answers because it doesn't matter whether or not I can post on these forums to me. Other than the players I speak with and hang out with everyday this game died for me a long time ago.

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