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[ Bugs ] Swimsuit Tsunade+Secret Jutsu Passive


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Hi, so just reporting that S.Tsunade's mistery with Scarlet blaze's secret jutsu passive is bugged.
If you kill any unit using your mistery the skill cooldown will be reset to 0, right? The issue comes when you're not targetting the ninja you killed.
Take the example of Kushina habanero or GNW Madara. When you clic an enemy's ninja at the time of using your mistery, if you kill any other ninja by your aoe damage your skill cooldown will reset. This doesn't happen with S.Tsunade.
If you use S.Tsunade's mistery on a ninja and kill any other ninja by aoe around her cooldown won't reset.

Please fix it, any other secret jutsu ninja that kills units by aoe will have their cooldown reseted except S.Tsunade, that's obviously not right.
Thank you.

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Hello, are you referring to characters killed by the splash damage resulting from her mystery?

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