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Who is better


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Who is better with minato [Edo]?

Kakuzu [Earth Grudge Fear]

Deidara [Edo Tensei]


Sasuke [Ronin]


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depends for what role and what team...

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depends on the role and if they BT.. for example kakashi susanoo is support, deidara/kakuzu minato are "attackers" and again if they bt, kakuzu non-bt is kinda very useless, deidara is somewhat ok non bt but not so great, easy to counter, minato is a very good p1 ninja but without bt have too high cd (so you need cd reset such as wind main and whatnot) kakashi summer seems op on paper but his scalling is not as great as someone like naruto ronin (i know they dont compare but to make you understand the difference) he is ok-ish but not as hard scalling as others, sasuke ronin kinda * ngl

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From these ninjas obviously Kakashi summer.

I did combine however once Minato with deidara and it worked well in DB

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Kakashi Summer wouldn't be used because of his damage potential with Edo Minato. Instead, it's the +60% buff in round 2 that makes Edo Minato hit very very hard.

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I think it can depend of ur minato and what u wanna do with him, if u have him 3 stars or 4, use him p1 or p2.

If u have him 3 stars or 4 and use +2 mistery kakashi summer looks best.

If u use his y+1 for spam every round and play against someone with dodge kakashi susano'o is good.

If u use him as p2 only for barrier... probably kakashi summer again.

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