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[ Help ] 30k fuku


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Hi lads and ladies,

im from 1629 we been open for approximately 2months 2 weeks and after saving my ass off ive managed to get to the 30k mark.

What is the best choices for fuku ninjas and would lucky * or lucky stars be the best option this week to spend it.

we currently have our 2 p2w's both are running kakuza akatskis creation and i think hallo kimmi, 1 also has 6 paths naruto.

of the available ninjas we can see in events thread whats the best choices to combat them and have a chance at winning.

Thanks in advance as this is my first ever fuku ive managed to save for.

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Fuku 1 or 2 once a month?

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  • Hofuandou On 2021-01-06 16:13:00
  • Fuku 1 or 2 once a month?

fuku is monthly,last one was 7 dec

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right now, there will be a Fuku packs which have either 80 fragments of GNW Madara / Shisui or 128 fragments of Kisame...
Im not sure what ninjas or how many fragments of ninjas you have of these ninjas... however... if there will be available Kisame, I would go for remaining 52 fragments of Kisame (I saw 1 Kisame fragment for 135 cps?) which is cheapest 4* now, while being * strong...

In long run, I would go for 6p Naruto and GNW Madara as support... both BT and 4*... but thats gonna take a while since you are playing on new server... if you really wanna spend on this Fuku, I would personally go for Kisame if you dont have good P1 ninja... (if you have 100 fragments of GNW Madara or you can get them in upcoming events... I might go rather for Madara as he has more potential in future as a support ninja)...

But honestly, I might skip it, wait till 6p Naruto gets BT (he might be in some event or maybe even in Fuku) and go for him... as he is gonna be really amazing with only few specific counters, which are not gonna be really common on new server / new cluster

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Go for Madara GNW Full BT he is strong, tanky,dodge,ignition

P.S.PLZ don't pick shisui only I can have it

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what about shisui kimono, i think he is also a good P1 with BT

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