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[ Events ] New Event Cycle - 7th of January


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An Ay alt before Dosu :c

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  • Dosu On 2021-01-07 10:12:31
  • An Ay alt before Dosu :c

not even CN have dosu....

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a new year, a new client and this 4 year old so called MMO is so dead that a thread which should get a lot of attention and discussion barely gets enough replies to make it to page 2. Over 1600 servers and just over 7k views, and including this post, just 25 comments. China has thousands of servers which are so jam packed the company needs to make more to accomodate more customers and more business, our game has been driven into the dust so comprehensively one of the biggest complaints people have are about slow server merges because oasis cant even make this game enjoyable enough to keep any single server alive for more than a few weeks

Its nothing short of impressive, a product that is created by other people, that sells itself, the one and only thing oasis had to do to not shoot themselves in the foot was to keep servers running and not ruin other peoples creations in the process and they couldnt even do it. Increased prices so absurdly high that they made this game more expensive than a mortgage, they hired the literal worst possible people they could have from the community, they drove away whales in their hordes by paying incompetent, unlikeable, cheating mods which resulted in event cycles being rigged and pvp being rigged meaning there is literally nothing to do in this game since collecting characters and using those characters are impossible and have no outlet respectively, they drove away f2p's in their masses by not even pretending to care about free players buffing the traffic number for the game, they drove away some of their own corrupt mods because oasis are so bad that even when they pay the lowest life forms in the community to cheat some of them have enough integrity left to draw the line somewhere and even those bottom dwellers eventually get sick of how bad the company is.

Honest to whatever god you beleive in, this game and its history should be taught in colleges and universities for business degrees, because every single decision, literally every single one that oasis have ever made are the perfect lessons in what not to do

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