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[ Help ] Game Crashes Constantly


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Is it just me, or are other players having their game constantly crash during team events and going black screen and disconnect you quite often. This is getting to be a pain and is really frustrating when you get crashed ten seconds before GNW and you are the leader of your guild. Please give me some advice of what I can do to help with this issue. I have a new device and my internet works well so I am not sure what the issue is lately.. Though it seems that since we had to all switch over to the Mini Client this happens more often .. Several times a day. .. Thanks for reading.

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Are you using the latest version of the mini-client? Versions 2.3 and 2.4 have issues with some mysteries (Itachi Kimono and Kakuzu AC as notable ones). Version 3.3 (the latest) so far has been working perfectly, zero blackscreen/crashes so far for me and my server peeps.

link to the new client:

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Hi! Just as Dresq said, if you have not already, you can try downloading the new client linked here.

If you are already currently using the newest mini client, you can try the older client and see if they work.

Mini Client 2.3

Mini Client 2.4

^You might have to copy the link to address to be able to download it properly.

If the above does not work, I recommend to contact Customer Support directly to troubleshoot.

In the future, please use the Bug/Support section for support related inquiry. Thank you

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