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Training grounds question


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How do you get the title Fastest combatant? Is it by activating the last teleporter, or all of them? Or is it who ever the first one to get to the last floor? If it activating the last floor. I should have it. When we were all getting ready for the the last floor. I was the first one to bring up the activation count. If its counting all the teleporters, then I can see myself not having the title. If its the first one on the last floor, again, I can see myself not having the title.

So out of curiosity, what gets you that title?

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As far as I know, the one who fastest to kill someone at the very first seconds upon starting is the one who will get the Fastest Combatant Title. I'm not totally sure but I myself experienced having that title by killing someone beside me in just a few seconds after the countdown. Thank you.

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