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Where and what is kanabi bridge is it even exist?

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It's a bridge in Hidden Grass Village. There was a major mission to destroy this bridge in the Third Great Shinobi War. Spoiler alert, It's also the same mission that supposedly Obito died and Kakashi got his Sharingan.

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i ask once before to, i stil want that event, we also need something new in game and that event can fit some holes.

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If you are referring to the Title listed in the Title List, it is not yet implemented in our version and I don't have any information about when or if it will be released in our version. I will try to ask the team about this feature and see if we can suggest it to release it in our version. Thank you.

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not only title, there is in china an event with pvp 1v1 but we c*e 8 ninjas, 2 teams of 4 ninjas.

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