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[ Suggestions ] Old Seasonal ninjas at Naruto ramen parrty


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Hello, as the title is referring to, the only way to get some of the old seasonal ninjas is from Naruto ramen party event, and after the release of rin people will want to get 100 more frags of her to make her 4stars, so would you please do not replace the seasonal ninja pack 4 with rin? cus it will be a meme while there are many other lesser ninjas or items at all events in general to get replaced 1st...while this is our only chance to get the old seasonal ninjas we's enough that we have to spend for what is originally for free lol....and if you will make a new pack would you please include in to those who are already present in that pack, it will be nice to be given 80 seasonal optional packs instead of some bad repetitions like omoi swim suit or kabuto halloween and definetly than getting Minato (suit) for the 3rd time in a single year.


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  • Tachibana Saeko On 2020-12-27 02:11:16
  • Hello,
    To make sure I'm understanding what you're asking for,
    1) You want the old seasonal pack left alone.
    2) You want Rin frags made available.
    3) You want 80 free optional season packs given out.
    4) You want a new seasonal pack made with...something in it, I'm not sure, could you clarify this point?
    5) You want to make sure that Swimsuit Omoi and Halloween Kabuto and Suit Minato are not given out.

    Is that correct?

hi, thanks for answering

1) correct (my main point (request) from this thread) least during the next naruto ramen party so that we get a chance to complete what we have been working on

2) i said others will want that but i guess can be considered correct ya

3) correct

4) i was saying if they will make a new seasonal pack instead of the current seasonal optional pack 4, please include the ninja present in the pack 4 as extra choices in the new pack ......i am expecting that a new pack will be made that includes Rin that's why i said that.

5)correct, but not permanently because definitely new players who will join later may want them but not's natural to have repetitions anyway....but at least the farther ones first then ones who were given away recently

edit: and i am still at my point that old seasonals (more than a year old) should be added to collection system (320 survival credits per frag) please, thanks.

thanks alot for you cooperation :D

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  • Tachibana Saeko On 2021-01-02 14:22:36
  • 1) OK, submitted.
    2) OK, submitted.
    3) That's insane. This is roughly equivalent to getting first place in the seasonal competition. That's three months of work for free to every player.
    4) Rin isn't a seasonal ninja at present, why would a new seasonal ninja pack be made just to add her into it? I said at present. I'm familiar with the fact that she's a season ninja in China. This isn't China. China's a different version.
    5) This seems selfish; I am disinclined to submit suggestions solely to limit other players.

    Ultimately I can submit for Rin to be made a redeemable ninja, and for seasonal ninjas to continue to be made available. For 5, I suspect what you really meant was for those ninjas to not take up the high-profile FREE slots of Fireworks and Monthly Sign In, allowing other ninjas that haven't seen the spotlight to be given out, vis-a-vis our other conversation, which I *can* submit. If you really did mean for those ninjas to just not be put in as redeemables, I will not submit that, because some players may want to collect those ninjas.

    It's worth noting that with Rin very new and is breaking the mold with her release, so it's hard to say how she will work out. She could go the Guren route where we'll see her being very common in events even before we're supposd to see her, or she might end up like young adult Yahiko, and we won't see her for a year. No promises.

5)you didn't get what i meant in the 5th point, you are the one who were saying "i still have the same stance, no repetitions" and i was the one saying it's ok but pls delay repetitions and repeat the farther ones 1st, i explained in details here ^_^

3)about the 3rd, Rins is seasonal at china and we got 80free, also i don't care too much about free 80tbh cus i bought the seasonal been wanting and will complete the missing frags next naruto ramen to 4* as long as we can still get seasonal optional pack 4....but at the same time if u look at it we are spending for what is originally at least being present collection 320survival coins/frag would have been nice.

4)about the 4th point ya, i was having the Chinese version in mind, thanks for clarifying

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  • Tachibana Saeko On 2021-01-03 11:14:52
  • As mentioned, China is a different version. It is the official stance that what happens there does not necessarily indicate what will happen here. Just because she is a seasonal ninja here does not dictate her release schedule here. You have to understand that. That means she does not get priority placement into your seasonal pack.

Nice, thanks for clarifying :)

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