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[ Lineup ] Can you help me out with further development?


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Hey, Im still new player, playing the game for 2 months-ish. Lvl 73, spent some money on the game(propably will spend more in the future, but mostly on froggy/fuku)

Here are my ninjas, so what i need help with is some lineups(maybe for different mains too, cause i only played lightning and eath main till that point) and maybe which ninjas i should focus on getting next to round up my collection in the future. I also play on older server where people can help me clear better instances.

Can provide more info if needed, Thanks!


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Those are some teams, I came up with
proxyproxy (2)proxy (3)proxy (1)

Best of luck~

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thanks, i recently aquired shisui kimono also if that changes anything. I wonder if i should try to get any other ninjas to fill my lineup or i should focus only on power from now on

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power. you have end game ninja.

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