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[ Updates ] Update regarding the New-Mini Client version


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Dear players,

The new launcher has been online for some time, and we’ve received lots of feedback and suggestions from players, including issues such as getting stuck, multiple instances opening, and double-clicking. The Naruto Online team is very grateful and attaches great importance to the valuable suggestions put forward by players.

Our development team is working overtime to optimize the launcher. In the near future, optimized versions will be launched one after another.

Many players have also come to us hoping we won’t delete the old versions. We’ll provide download links to the old versions so that players can download them themselves. Players can rest assured the old launcher will work as normal. Here's the downlink for the Old Mini-Client:

Please click HERE

We expect players to be unable to login to Naruto Online through browsers after December 31st, 2020. We hope everyone will tell their in-game partners and friends to download the launcher in preparation.

We will release a new version of the Mini-Client after the Maintenance on the 24th of December, 2020. We also updated the download rewards to 500 Coupons, 10 Seal Scrolls, Hashirama Senju[New Year] 80 Fragments. Players who claimed the rewards before will still be able to claim the new rewards.

If you have any other problems in the process of using the launcher, please contact customer service and report the problem.

Thank you,

Naruto Online Operations Team

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