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[ Lineup ] Unorthodox Lineup Series- Jonin Minato


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Hi all! It's me DrPiezoElectric. I've migrated to HK servers for better timezone-bodyclock coordination. Anyway.. continuting my unorthodox series; following are some interesting lineups for no one other than Jonin Minato. I think these lineups can still hold up against many teams in the current meta. Keep in mind that some of these are going to be a bit expensive. Of course.. most of these teams are probably going to be much better with Edo Minato breakthroughs.. but if you had him, you probably wouldn't even be reading this post right now.

1. The Senjutsu Squad


Standard Interrupt + Mass chakra drain and Immunity suppression team control.

Swimsuit Tsunade's level 2 Immunity is a really wonderful thing; Edo Hashirama reducing cooldowns of all the senjutsu users in the lineup is a big bonus as well.
If you don't have Edo Hashirama Breakthrough, Sage Kabuto Breakthrough or Rinne Tensei(Edo Tensei Release) Madara could be a decent replacement.


Kabuto will clear debuffs at the beginning of every round, will also do great damage as a p1 because of scaling from Breeze's clones, increase enemy units' cooldowns and decrease their initiative...all this besides reviving dead team members.


2. Flying Raijin Duo


Not much to say, a bit susceptible to being controlled, otherwise it's a casual fun team. Edo Tobirama's Y chase is amazing!

3. Team Minato Reunited


Shields, buffs, scaling, control... a semi-glass cannon team which can be quite deadly.

4. Pure Blitz team


Iruka with shields and buffs + Asuma with Debuff clear and immunity + Minato with his own scaling + Lightning main giving anbu tactics buff and health leech= Recipe for Carnage! A bit problematic vs dodgers though and relies too much on asuma for debuff clears.

5.Some unconventional and miscellaneous teamsproxy(7)


Toodles! Hope you all have fun! Coming with sage kabuto breakthrough lineups next!

link to Official Discord Server for the game where you can discuss with other players-

link to Lineup Simulator to experiment with more lineups-

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Just confirming that it is indeed me. I have moved to an HK account. No selling/buying/trading of accounts was involved.

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