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[ Help ] Evasion rate ninjas


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Well from what I can tell evasion rate ninjas are those who could evade any number of various types of attacks in a round so based on this here we go:

Ninjas that can evade standards, chases, and mysteries:

* Hiashi Hyuga

* Itachi Uchiha [normal Akatsuki version]

* Madara Uchiha [Great Ninja War] (+2 passive breakthrough)

* Madara Uchiha [10-Tail Jinchuriki] (+2 passive breakthrough)

* Deidara [Edo Tensei]? (Y passive breakthrough though I'm not sure if it's all attacks or just standards)

* Shisui [Kimono] (+2 passive breakthrough)

Ninjas that can evade chases:

* Naruto [Sage of 6 Paths] (Y+1 passive breakthrough) {hasn't been released yet}

* Pain [Tendo] (Y+1 passive breakthrough)

*Tobirama [2nd Hokage] (Y+1 passive breakthrough)

* Hayate Gekko {hasn't been released yet}

* Inoichi Yamanaka (Y+1 passive breakthrough) {hasn't been released yet}

* Iruka [Suit]

* Itachi Uchiha [Edo Tensei]

* Kakashi [Susano'o]

* Konan [Taisho Period/Kimono]

* Madara Uchiha [5-Kage Summit]

* Mei Terumi [Swimsuit]

* Minato Namikaze [Suit]

* Obito [Great Ninja War]

* Suigetsu [Taka Squad]

Ninjas that can evade standards:

* Chojuro (4-star Y+2 mystery breakthrough)

* Haku [normal]

* MInato [Edo Tensei] (+2 passive breakthrough)

* Naruto [Sage of 6 Paths] (+2 passive breakthrough) {hasn't been released yet}

* Han [5-tail Jinchuriki] (+2 passive breakthrough) {hasn't been released yet}

* Neji Hyuga (all versions so far)

* Tobirama [Edo Tensei] (+2 passive breakthrough)

* Asura Otsutsuki

* Chiriku (4-star)

* Hinata [normal]

* Hinata [Great Ninja War]

* Omoi [Swimsuit]

Now the normal versions of Sakura and Ino both have evasion passives that don't say there's a limit but I'm fairly sure they only occur once per round if the fact that Ino's breakthrough on the passive says "triggers twice per round" is anything to go by. Sakura [Summer] may be a similar case as well

A lot of the breakthrough info I got from Konoha Proxy 'cause I don't have all these ninjas breakthrough that's for sure and some of the breakthroughs/ninjas haven't been released yet on EN servers as noted.

Hope this helps!

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  • pizzas On 2020-12-15 04:59:54
  • The first ninja that comes to mind is Hiashi who increases the evasion rate by 20% on Hyuga units who can evade by themselves (like on Neji, GNW Neji, Hinata and GNW Hinata). Then there are ninjas like Suigetsu Taka that give a flat 30% evasion to all HIdden Mist units. None of them stack however.

Mangetsu Hozuki also has a similar passive to Suigetsu's too but for Hidden Mist ninjas solely (Suigetsu's is for both HIdden Mist and Akatsuki)

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  • csillag On 2020-12-15 06:45:21
  • Poor Guren forgotten again.

Lol Guren's evasion only happens once per round (similar to Minato Jonin's passive for instance) so that's why I didn't include hers

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  • BattleCrier On 2020-12-15 22:19:42
  • I would correct you a bit... Taka Suigetsu can dodge anything. (and with his buff, all mists aswell)

Ah ok I confused passive buffs lol; it's his damage buff that affects both mist and Akatsuki units

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  • pizzas On 2020-12-16 22:21:35
  • Yeah that is true but Mangetsu works more like a buff and the evasion is always 100% guranteed and only triggers once per round. I was under the assumption you wanted to know about ninjas that can increase the overall evasion rate of units as an unremovable passive and not the ninjas that gives a buff that lets them dodge once per battle. But technically yeah Mangetsu falls into the whole giving evasion category but it's a removable buff and not a passive.

Yeah the terminology isn't always clear sometimes so thanks for clarifying.

So basically when it comes to Suigetsu Taka, he has his own personal chase evasion + can buff himself and other hidden mist allies with a standard attack evasion rate (meaning those ninjas could technically evade any number of standard attacks in a round) while Mangetsu's evasion works more like Minato's/Guren's evasion passive (works once in a round) but applies to allied Hidden Mist shinobi.

It's still trippy seeing Kisame SFM evade anything though lol

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