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[ Suggestions ] Multiple instances in new client


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I highly recommend implementing a system like the old client has where separateaccounts are logged in in different tabs, instead of entirely separatewindows. I am sure this section has already got people talking about the shocking performance, low frame, log in issues and the abysmal number of bugs that are still in this now released product. But I feel like this was either a poor decision or an oversight, separate windows offers no advantages, it makes swapping more clunky than it needs to be and as it stands now it exacerbates the performance bugs which i touched on and which are already bad enough that people are preferring to stay with the old client as long as they can. Opening it in a new tab instead of a new window is a small tweak but one that would go a long way to improving this new client . thank you

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Hello, I will include the location for you to post suggestions such as this below.

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