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[ Bugs ] Exceeded Request time 3d402


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From Thursday i have problems with this:

Exceeded Request time 3d402 every 5 min

Orochimar attacking me couple times per hour

Have big delays but my internet connections is 300/30 Mbps Ping 6

Whole day i have this rotating dots middle of my screen...


Using client 2.4.0. and till now it was best client, cleaning system not working...

Its hard to play Arena or GNW when game is not stable and every 3 min i have this on my screen or Orochimaru kicked me from game...

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  • tylermotoki On 2020-12-15 10:42:03
  • Hello, do you also experience this issue while using browser?


when using google chrome client have same problems, but i tried it on another Pc with another internet provider and its without problems.

I have new modem and cables but it looks like my internet provider have problem.

It seems i have delays from server, or i losing connections with server.

Can be a problem high ping ?

my provider finally saw problem... my connection have ping 100-500ms....

can close this topic and sorry (now he must solve that problem....) hope will be fast

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