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[ Lineup ] Ninjas inmune is the law


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in naruto online that it is a must to carry an immune ninja. I use sasuke and what has bothered me that Indra nonle they have put that. 100% of all the games all the time against a Mine or I am with 30% damage received and 75% damage reduced which is an outrage and apart with ignition .. what the developers should have done is that the immune ones do not have any increase by ac*ulated. Sasuke was reduced for a time in the confusion .. when you hit him the damage he does is a combo .. if having moved from his position he is immune to floating. Kushina got more damage I have noticed these 2 weeks .. now this week I will get sasuke 5 star and regrettably I will have to stop supporting it since it no longer works because kimimaru hallowen * the game .. you no longer enjoy a conventional battle .. developers do nothing. and the moderators are the ones you see with a lot of absurd power in the game .. and I bet you they remove the post for telling the truth. I will get Naruto six way 4 stars since there is no option for anyone

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To give you small hint about the immunity "law" and "no other option"
this is arena, so forget about power problem... (I use this team for fun even outside of arena from time to time)
Do you think even BT Naruto would change anything if he cant move?
If you cant beat something straight up, counter it... its that simple..


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Well... 1st of all. There us a thing called suppression. This little thing which is everywhere nowadays can either suppress superarmor or immunity...

2nd, Rinne Sasuke is great support who has 3 thing... paralysis which goes through immunity, fear and suppression of superarmor... on top of all this, he scales like crazy, ignores shields and reduce def/res.

We got free Kurenai. That sweet girl can really mess things up for many teams.

HelloKimi is situational ninja who can backfire horribly.

Pretty much everyone has power. Just save up and spend wisely... You can reach 500k club as f2p.

But 1 thing is really triggering me... do you really think, that BT 6P Naruto will save you? Once you get him, you will write another story, how Rinne Sasuke with fear is breaking game, because Naruto cant scale...

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It's all about how you play your game man. From the past threads that you've made, people here in Forum c*ready see why you're still stuck with your complaints up until now. Sorry, I can't resist myself to response on this thread, 3600 spending every Great Plates Event and only Great Plates and staying with your team with Sasuke Rinnegan only to fight all kinds of Teams these days, yeah. You will not reach somewhere with that style.

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Depends what you have, but if you want to use sasuke sue the Nagato passive - Rinengan untis with shields are immune to debuffs.

I have had line ups that beat the sh4t out of immune ninjas. For example - I am about 590k BP and played againts 2x 550k in bonds with Minato barrier, kushina and felt bed how they even cannot do a scratch on my line up. My buddy dies on round 2 and I beat them around round 6.

So when you have less life than it makes more difference cause you may loose from ignition about 2000 life per round but in mid-game this is not a major issue.

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