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[ Lineup ] Ninjas inmune is the law


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in naruto online that it is a must to carry an immune ninja. I use sasuke and what has bothered me that Indra nonle they have put that. 100% of all the games all the time against a Mine or I am with 30% damage received and 75% damage reduced which is an outrage and apart with ignition .. what the developers should have done is that the immune ones do not have any increase by ac*ulated. Sasuke was reduced for a time in the confusion .. when you hit him the damage he does is a combo .. if having moved from his position he is immune to floating. Kushina got more damage I have noticed these 2 weeks .. now this week I will get sasuke 5 star and regrettably I will have to stop supporting it since it no longer works because kimimaru hallowen * the game .. you no longer enjoy a conventional battle .. developers do nothing. and the moderators are the ones you see with a lot of absurd power in the game .. and I bet you they remove the post for telling the truth. I will get Naruto six way 4 stars since there is no option for anyone

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