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[ Lineup ] Ninjas inmune is the law


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Well... 1st of all. There us a thing called suppression. This little thing which is everywhere nowadays can either suppress superarmor or immunity...

2nd, Rinne Sasuke is great support who has 3 thing... paralysis which goes through immunity, fear and suppression of superarmor... on top of all this, he scales like crazy, ignores shields and reduce def/res.

We got free Kurenai. That sweet girl can really mess things up for many teams.

HelloKimi is situational ninja who can backfire horribly.

Pretty much everyone has power. Just save up and spend wisely... You can reach 500k club as f2p.

But 1 thing is really triggering me... do you really think, that BT 6P Naruto will save you? Once you get him, you will write another story, how Rinne Sasuke with fear is breaking game, because Naruto cant scale...

  • Registered: 2017-07-24
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To give you small hint about the immunity "law" and "no other option"
this is arena, so forget about power problem... (I use this team for fun even outside of arena from time to time)
Do you think even BT Naruto would change anything if he cant move?
If you cant beat something straight up, counter it... its that simple..


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