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How is this considered acceptable?


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After taking the time to grind to put together a secret scroll and then to have it wasted because of a bug I have no control over and then THIS is the response I get from CS? Really? I am creating this thread because I have no idea what else to do but I refuse to accept this lack of result. This isn't a 50 coupon item we are talking about here and this isn't an item that i can replace in a week or two weeks or three weeks. I need someone to do something about this because this is ridiculous.

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Proof of the bug

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  • Tachibana Saeko On 2020-12-10 02:43:19
  • Hello,
    Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about this. Customer support techs are the only ones that have the power to influence or alter items and account-level interfaces.
    The best I can recommend is joining the official discord to stay abreast of bugs like this to receive workarounds for them. As brensonlee said, the bug is a known issue, and although it hasn't been fixed, users are aware of it and have found workarounds for it.

Yea and as usual they aren't going to do a * thing about it. So because I don't keep up on every little bug in this game I'm going to pay the penalty for it? Not everyone that plays this game is keeping up on every little detail, I used to but not anymore so I guess I'm just SOL then?

And players think that GL's get special treatment, I guess this will serve as an example that its not true at all.

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