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What do should I do with my remaining sun scrolls?


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I really don't know what to do with my sun scrolls, i've been saving them but I already bought the things I wanted, what do I do now?

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  • Aika〆 On 2020-12-05 20:38:49
  • Hey,

    The only thing you should spend your Sun Coins is:

    - Advance Refines
    - Epic Refines
    - Discounted Bond Scrolls

    As it seems u are a beginner. I would advice u to go only for Advance Refines.
    Later on, if u need some assist links going for Discounted Bond Scrolls is also an option.
    And when u will have Position 1 max Advance Refines, I would advise u to go for Epic Refines.

    Thank you~

Ok thanks

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