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[ News ] New Mini-client ! Get yours now!


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Dear ninjas,

Thank you for your support and understanding. To continue to provide you with a good gaming experience after some browsers stop supporting Flash, we are now launching a new generation of launcher. This new launcher is available only on Windows. The launchers for other systems are still under development. Thank you once again for your understanding.

Players can download and install the new launcher from the following website and participate in the roulette event to obtain rewards:


Rewards will be sent to player's mail after the event ends. Players must choose a character to accept the rewards, which cannot be changed after the selection is made.The binding event is limited to players who use a FB account and are not bound to an OAS account. FB accounts cannot be bound to OAS accounts that have already been bound.

In addition, players using the new launcher can receive a new launcher login reward in the game after the maintenance on Thursday.

Thanks for your support and understanding. Wish you a good time in-game!

Naruto Online Support Team



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