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Why hokage minato should be back in events


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Its been a long time since hokage minato has been in any events,here reasons why he should be given for free

1.His meta is over,noone is using him anymore,plenty of ninjas counter him.

2.hes a forgotten and irrelevant ninja these days

3.i know lots of players wouldnt mind getting him as collection

4.there are some great teams that do ok in this era that USE hokage minato

5.again,number 1,oasis isnt making any money from him,hes forgetten,never seen someone use him,i tried him out in zenith today and he was great.i hope oasis considers this given that they are giving away hashirama and tobirama for free (we dont care bout hiruzen his only use is his reaper death seal )

(just noticed i posted in the wrong section please dont delete i put effort into it)

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ikr hes never been in events and him being given out will make up for this terrible year

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I don't want him any more.. all the reasons you mentioned proves he has no worth to be given.

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He is in Treasure of the Sage, but even with best discount (which you need to be lucky to get in the first place) is still expensive.

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