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[ Bugs ] carzy slot machine


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so i recharged this week and crazy slot machine appeared out of know where and i dont get any spins i feel like if your going to add an event add it the next week or give us the spins if we had recharged this weeks event cycle beacause no one is going to raechrge as they have alredy reachaged 25k

if i got spins for the amount i recharged i would be happy beacuse there is no point adding in a event that is added in the last 3 days of an event cycle

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Hello, this is a method that has happened quite often in the past, but has not happened for quite some time. Events such as Crazy Slots are sometimes added late in the event week, and compensation or spins are not given to those who previously recharged. The only chance to get spins for this, would be through Customer Service, however, the chances are drastically low.

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