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Other villages


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So,today I run to Hidden Rain and Hidden Cloud villages for chase event.And I think to myself,how only Konoha is lively and all,nothing happened in other villages.No special NPCs there,no events.And all main characters are Konoha ninjas too.Like it's only Konoha that it matters.

It be cool,if there was something to do on others maps,like stop 8 tails in Hidden Cloud,or fight Orochimaru in his base.Hell,even other kage NPC hanging around will be good.

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exactly what i suggested a few weeks back,and guess what? all they did was close my post.

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XDDD they should add all the villages with A SPECIAL boss that is the tailed beast and if we defeat it we get good rewards and u can defeat it once a day and it will be like a thing where the whole server should fight

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brah, we(our version) not have all the konoha NPCs and you ask for other villages xD

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