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[ Bugs ] Facebook Login Fails on Mini Client


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Facebook Login doesn't work when I try to use it through the mini-client. Is there *ternative way to login to the correct accounts?It seems that creating a new login doesn't point to the correct account.Error Message: "Error Accessing App

We're sorry, but the application you're trying to use doesn't exist or has been disabled."

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many people has the same problem, FIX IT OASIS!!

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I can log in one at a time now. That's good enough to bind all the accounts I want to use to something else. (Facebook logins for multiple accounts still don't work, though.)


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add me to the list of people its broken on, but at least it only affects one account

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D@mn it oasis go fix mini client error cant login another fb account

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XDDD google for the win :( same for me so i just use google

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Hello everyone!
Facebook is currently having some issues. If you find yourself unable to log into the game on Facebook, you can do so via the Official Website or with the Mini-Client. To play on your Facebook account using the Mini-Client, you will currently need to bind a secondary/security email to the account first, which can be done in the User Center. You can reach the User Center by visiting

and in the top right, login using your Facebook account. You will then be able to click open the menu and access the User Center (As pictured).
my center
Credit to Dresq for this answer, all verbiage his; thank you Dresq!

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I dont get it? Where in the top right? I cant really find the option to login trough facebook.

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  • Yell0w FlasH On 2020-11-30 01:20:17
  • I dont get it? Where in the top right? I cant really find the option to login trough facebook.

At The Top Right Corner Of The Main Game's Website Next To Your "Language's Setting" To The Left Of That You'll See A "Create Account | Login" B-u-t-t-o-n Click On It Then From It's Pop Up Window Go To The Bottom Of The Pop Up Where It States "Other Login Methods" And There You'll Find All Of The "Supported" Third Party Logins That Are Currently Available To You (As Such)

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