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[ Ninja Exam ] [FIRE] Do NE 370 without Kushina, Kakuzu or Konan


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NOTE: None of this works if you don't have King of Hell and Chojuro's upgraded katana for standard resets!!!


350k BP

Wave 1

rd1 Sit this one out. If someone dies - reset.

rd2 Wait for jiraiya's combo chain to finish then use roshi's ult (target doesn't matter). Same round use fire's shield then follow up with shizuka's ult targeting hanzo.

rd3 Clear up the field with chojuro's ult then let your team scale as much as possible.

Wave 2

You must press roshi and shizuka's ults asap! You do this in order to deny nagato's ult cast. Use fire's shield to spawn a clone top left to soak up auto dmg and give chojuro chakra. Use chojuro's ult over nagato's team. Shizuka will be slept by itachi and will likely die that round.

If the fight doesn't conclude before hitting rnd2 then you'll probably have to reset but not necessarily - it depends on how many ninjas chojuro manages to take down in rnd1.

PS: I don't even have chojuro's stuff fully upgrated.

If you have his standard and scaling maxed out this team sweeps 370 clean 10/10 times.


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