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[ Lineup ] Level 37 Main Earth


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So I just got a 2 star gaara and my 3 star kakashi today. I use shizune as a healer to cause high float.

Is there any particular order I can put them in? Because at the moment instead of comboing my gaara just ends his combo with his Coffin. I mean, my earth character can cause high float then knockdown with primary lotus, but my gaara interrupts. Any help?

Atm I have gaara in the middle front, my main behind him and shizune behind him. Then kakashi on the bottom row at the back.

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Can you post a picture of all your ninjas? There might be a better team combo out there. It'll be easier if we see all the ninjas you have even tho it's not many right now.

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dude stop going for combos it does nothing u can go for debuff teams also what if ur comboes get interrupted?

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Ignoring combos is ignoring half your lineups potential.

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  • destruptor On 2020-11-24 07:17:29
  • dude stop going for combos it does nothing u can go for debuff teams also what if ur comboes get interrupted?

gotta balance between combos, buffs/debuffs then. all have their importance, ignoring it wouldnt be good, ya know

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i mean like dont focus on trying to get very high combos just go like u did ur mystery then it kills 3 people then u have that one person left so u gotta make a small combo to finish them or just like put ignition or something to finish them

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it's because you can't chase sand coffin unless it's like a 10 hit combo chase. i recommend not worrying about combos for now because you'll get better ninja for better combos soon. but if you really want to have more combos for early teams, start farming sasuke frags in elite instances to 3 star him, it'll take under a week. take gaara out and make earth main your tank.

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