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[ Lineup ] Tsunade Swimsuit lineups


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Yo, I just got Tsunade Swimsuit from the last event, but I'm having trouble creating a team with her. HELP Screenshot 11Screenshot 5Screenshot 1Screenshot 4Screenshot 3Screenshot 7Screenshot 10Screenshot 6Screenshot 9Screenshot 2Screenshot 8

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Hi there,
Im not sure what summons do you have, but you can try something like this:
- Tsunade is immune to debuffs, c*e mystery every round and provides extra standard attack for herself and main.
- Kimi and Masked man can be used in round 1 to control up to 2 enemy ninjas in round 1 (Masked man has high chance of causing repulse, so you can eventually control 3rd ninja in round 1)
- P2, P3 and P4 can dodge some of incoming damage, making this team more sustainable.
- With Tsunade´ passive, this team can heal 4 times with standards (with ideal outcome, entire team gets immunity lv.2 and gets healed twice with +50% heal boost)

rest depends on match up and difference between yours and enemy´s initiative.
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