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[ Suggestions ] When Would Kushina (Red Hot Blooded Habanero) Return..?


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As The Title Of This Topic States (As Such), I Am Curious As To When Would She Be Available (Once Again) To Collect More Fragments For Her Since I Only Needed 35 More Fragments Before I Can Recruit Her Onto My Team..You Know..

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Oh Ok, (I Just Wanted To Know If She Would Still Be Available To Collect Fragments For In The Coming Days Or So Anyways) Thanks For The Reply, Tachibana Saeko

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In short answer, we never know events before they are officially announced.

As a slightly longer answer, Kushina Habanero has a history of being readily available almost every week. In fact, she was available just last week, so you just missed her. You can probably expect to see her fairly regularly in the coming months, though this is by no means a guarantee.

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As far as I can recall, she has been redeemable in at least one event, in every single cycle for many months now. So it is highly likely she will return again in the next cycle or two. Just need to be patient.

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