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Skillbreak Idea Discussion - 1


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1.I know all possible reactions from section mods so no need to remind them again :D

2.This post includes my last 2 idea posts(which are already passed along to dev team,thank you tylermotoki) and exists to learn your (if possible, detailed) impressions so I ask you to tell me your opinions in replies section and nothing else. Meanwhile,I will prepare the new one.

3.Also, all new posts of this kind in this section are same. They will also be in Bugs & Support to be passed along but here,let's share opinions.


Mystery +2 --> While this barrier is active, Madara's chase damage increases by 30%.

Mystery Y+1 --> While this barrier is active, enemy units can't gain extra standart attacks.

Standart +1 --> Higher combo chance

Standart Y --> Removes Shield/Buff without combo

Repulse chase +2 --> Triggers thrice, absorbs 30 chakra (Other option is 40 chakra,double trigger but can't decide so....)

Repulse chase Y+1 --> Doesn't absorb chakra, decreases own mystery cooldown by 1

Hit combo chase +2 --> 30 combo, hits 6 units

Hit combo chase Y+1 --> 20 combo, unavoidable Ignition, 30% damage decrease

Dodge passive +2 --> Also dodges first attack each round and 20% chance to dodge standart and mystery attacks

Dodge passive Y+1 --> Also dodges first attack each round and gains 10% Ninjutsu & Attack (Stackable) with each chase.


Mystery +1 --> Increases all the damage target takes until end of next round by 20%.

Mystery Y --> Surpresses target's Debuff Immunity until end of next round.

Standart +2 --> Causes Repulse and decreases target's Defence by 10%(Stackable).

Chase +2 --> Triggers thrice.

Chase Y --> Increases target's cooldown reduction by 1.

Passive 1 +2 --> Enemy Jinchuriki units' Attack and Ninjutsu is reduced by 20%.

Passive 1 Y+1 --> Every enemy Jinchuriki unit mystery decreases this unit's cooldown by 1.

Dodge Passive +2 --> 50% chance to dodge standart attacks.

Dodge Passive Y+1 --> 30% chance to dodge mystery and chase attacks.


Mystery +2 --> Becomes undodgeable, damage increases by 20%, 40 Chakra cost

Mystery Y+1 --> Deals great damage, surpresses main target's Super Armor until end of next round.

Standart +2 --> Hits 5 units, damage increases by 20%..

Standart Y+1 --> Hits all units on front row, damage decreases by 20%.

Ignition passive +2 --> Increases this unit's Defence and Resistance by 8% (Stackable).

Ignition passive Y+1 --> Decreases attacker's Defence and Resistance by 8% (Stackable).

Sustain passive +1 --> Triggers twice

Sustain passive Y --> Removes Debuffs on this unit.

Last passive +2 --> 3% Attack and Ninjutsu for 1.5% life lost.


Mystery +2 --> Hits 12 units, Interruption to main target

Mystery Y+1 --> Causes unavoidable Tag, 30% more damage

Standart +2 --> Causes Knockdown

Standart Y --> High combo chance, cooldown reduction ignores enemy evasion

Chase +2 --> Triggers twice, reduces target's dodge chance by 20% (works once on a target every round)

Buff +2 --> 30% Attack and Ninjutsu, effect is permanent

Buff Y --> Also 20% Defence and Resistance, effect is permanent

Super Armor +1 --> 1% Ninjutsu and Attack, also immune to Interruption.

Super Armor Y+1 --> 1% Critical Rate and Critical Damage, also immune to Interruption


Mystery +2 --> Immobile is guaranteed, damage increases by 30%

Mystery Y+1 --> Hits 9 units, removes all targets' Shields / Buffs

Mystery L+1 --> Hits 9 units, Surpresses Super Armor of all targets

Standart +2 --> Hits ninja with least life in field, damage increases by 30%

Standart Y+1 --> Hits a random ninja, also causes 50% splash damage to units 2 grids away

Chase L-1 --> Doesn't cause Immobile

Konoha Passive +2 --> Also, each mystery increases their Attack and Ninjutsu by 15% (Stackable).

Konoha Passive Y --> Status Effects caused by this unit ignores Immunity against non-Konoha.

Dodge +1 --> Also causes Paralysis to attacker.

Dodge Y --> Konoha units can't be killed by first lethal attack of each round


Mystery +2 --> Heals sole target 80%, slugs decrease it 15% but heals 3 ninjas

Mystery Y+1 --> Heals 2 ninjas for 65%

Standart +2 --> Summons 2-3 slugs at 60% base health

Chase +1 --> Triggers twice

Chase Y --> Gains extra standart attack

Revive Passive +2 --> Revives with 60% health

Revive Passive Y+1 --> Doesn't sacrifice slugs, revives 2 rounds later with 45% health but each slug increases her Defence and Resistance by 12% (Stackable)

Dodge +2 --> Has 70% chance to dodge enemy attacks, triggers once

Dodge Y --> Has 50% chance to dodge enemy attacks, triggers twice

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Not enough 2020 Level.
What is 2020 you ask?
As in all skill breaks released in 2020 and so on and even with ninja's are broken as heck.

Ninja mystery gotta now break super armor, heal themselves, remove immunity for like 4 rounds and give enemy cool down by 3 and cannot be reduce lmao.

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That's Tencent's idea of ''skillbreak'' and I hate it. There are many useful variations in both anime series and game mechanics but Tencent is stuck on ''standart from mystery, Immunity Supression'' etc. I admit, I use them too but try not to use it as much as possible. Used 2 or 3 times because I was stuck (especially Kakashi, ughh that annoying skillset).

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