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[ Suggestions ] Colorful Ballons


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  • tylermotoki On 2020-11-05 05:53:55
  • Hello, I will pass your suggestion along, however, most spenders view this as an ingot spending event, as they get shuriken for spending. This is similar to the Time-Limited Shop, which allows free players to participate, but has a much bigger reward for the spending of ingots.

Just be honest and say it out loud you are preffering players that are recharging and spending ingots in the game. The rest is not important to you and there are more and more events for whales and less and less good events for F2P players that are saving up coupons for months to be able to get a good ninja. You are not fixing your horrible matching system, so why should people even invest money in this game? Start by fixing your unfair matching system and let the OP players fight among eachother in PvP events instead of them having Auto fights with players that have 2-3 times less power. And when that is fixed, I will consider buying and spending ingots in the game.

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