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[ Suggestions ] Colorful Ballons


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Hello, i have suggestion for Colorful Ballons event.

As F2P we cant use all points what we can obtain on this event, because there is no Shuriken in a Shop.

I mean last few times i bought Ninja Asist Optional Packs for 70 points and many points were wasted (50+ for me).

Time-Limited Shop and Inos Flower are working with stamina and you can obtain points with potions and here nothing...

My suggestion is: put some Shurikens to the Shop, if you want there can be limited amount 10-20 Shurikens for some coupons 10-20 per Shuriken

In the Shop is Ichiraku's Ramen for 10 coupons why not Shuriken ?


Image with my wasted points...


  • Registered: 2017-07-24
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  • tylermotoki On 2020-11-05 05:53:55
  • Hello, I will pass your suggestion along, however, most spenders view this as an ingot spending event, as they get shuriken for spending. This is similar to the Time-Limited Shop, which allows free players to participate, but has a much bigger reward for the spending of ingots.

Hi, this is for F2P players, not spenders ingots, we dont spend ingots so we cant obtain more Shurikens. Every time there are wasted points.

Maybe would be nice to spend all this points for some good stuff (ninja frag or power item).

Thanks for that, Have a nice day.

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