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why server merge


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Did anybody else get merged for no real reason? my server was pretty active and I was in the top 335 for power as well as 7th in 9-tails. today though they merged the server and im not even top 100. theres also 3 people with 1m+ power now and many more close. its full of p2w players. kinda *s tbh and I just don't really know why they would have merged it..

the server is 975

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you were in 7th in 9tail but in 335th in power rank. that's why your server is merged.

roughly speaking, top 328 players out of 335 were inactive.

also, there is an upkeep for maintaining servers....

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Sometimes, when player activity on one or more servers has fallen below a particular threshold, Tap4Fun will merge all players onto one server. When this happens, all of your planets will lose their positions, and they will be placed into one system.

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before each server merge a thread is opened called "server merge requests" in which people request that their servers get merged, and they have to include screenshots etc,,,,so some one on your server mostly requested to be merged i guess, and was accepted. there maybe other ways to request a merge, but tis is the main way i know about.

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