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I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but CS being resolved means nothing. I've been sending tickets about german questions in Ninja test for about 6 months until they actually got rid of them (hopefully for good). They are just closing tickets if there is not further communication in 2-3 days and forget about it. ANd they always say they will contact you, but in the 3 years I've been playing, I have NEVER been contacted by support about the issue being solved or if they needed any extra information. I usually have to find answers in this forum if some other players have the same issues since Oasis is so lazy, they just wait out if nobody notices a problem.... Sad to see the game fall down so hard and just becoming horrible towards any regular players that is not a long time freezer or a high spending player.

ANd you gotta love their copy/paste "responses" - thank you for your support and understanding..... It makes me sick every time I get this.

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