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[ PVP ] Ibiki or Kurenai? Who's the best support?


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hello, I'm looking for a good support, and I'm thinking about Ibiki or Kurenai, Kurenai seems very good for cause chaos in most of time she suffer hits, status transfer and supress imunity + immobile for 2 rouns

But, Ibiki supress immunity can't be retired, so seems very OP to me, for you, what's the best?

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Its a bit hard. I'd honestly lean more towards Kurenai but Ibiki definitely has his uses. She's cheaper for one. Her mirror and 45% chaos is pretty good as well as when you get her standard to put targets to sleep.

Ibiki is good because of his unclearable immobile and his debuff of resistance/defense and more damage to immobile/torture units.

I would honestly say, why not both? But, Kurenai is definitely in more events and is the cheaper option.

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personally I would say Ibiki, collected a lot of characters in my time thats always been my focus here and honestly ibiki is still in my top 3, there isnt a single ninja in the game he cant shut down hard.

True he has more requirements than kurenai to reach his full potential because to make full use of his control you need a way to stop your opponent recovering chakra (edo minato barrier/edo release madara/ mei swimsuit) and a mirror character in your team is ideal so both controls land on the enemy. But his chakra limit control + damage buff to controlled characters +super armor + decreasing def/res with standard + undodgeable/ chakra draining mystery, he is in my personal opinion one of the best event characters we've had.

To this day I always use ibiki in my ranked arena teams and frequently use him in 1vs1 pvp stuff, kurenai I recruited and barely ever use her, without a chakra limit to remove it her control is too flimsy, may be different since your cluster is much younger than my main, but I find it very rare to enter a match where the opponent doesnt have a single means of healing/debuff removal, all of which can very easily undo kurenais usefulness.

This will be different for you than I depending on the teams you face often, but all in all I would say kurenai is outclassed more often than not, there are so many people running immune heavy teams that her chaos passive is pointless in most cases and since every single heal skill in the game can remove her control it is much less reliable than that of ibiki.

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thanks so much for help, Ibiki seems very strong, but Kurenai it's more cheap, two great characters

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As stated above... why not both?
Here is one team, which served me well, even vs. stronger enemies...
proxy (29)

Eventually these teams which has less control and are slightly less safe due to the lack of chakra control, but its still nice and annoying.
proxy (31)proxy (30)
proxy (32)

Swap Ibiki at P1 or P2 in case of Kushina and Kakashi, depends on your initiative.
Water main poison tai teams really eats your enemy alive...
With Madara and Gerotora summon, your enemy wont be able to do much (if you are faster at P1).

proxy (33)

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really thank you for these *ysis, help me a lot with my doubt

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By the way his immobile is clearable with 30 chakra or more.

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