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[ Events ] Uhmm help anyone please


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Does anyone know if theres a good time to spend my Five natures chakra?
is there a rebate for five natures chakra in 7 days of welfare?
Is there a individual five natures chakra rebate aside from usng coupons?

iv collected around 2100 five seal chakras and dnt know if i should spend them... is there a event where it would be a good time to spend em?? should I wait for christmas maybe there will be an event for this?? or there is no such event and i should just use em now?

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Use em. No reason to save more than 10 at a time. No event for a rebate of using saved Cultivation Scrolls. And not really looking like it as people have given negative feedback since the Cultivation Scroll Rebate was introduced over a year and a half ago.

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