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[ Lineup ] Kakuzu [Akatsuki's Creation] Lineups


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Hey guys!




Mystery: Great mystery for blitz round 1 damage, small chakra cost hitting full team and doing a good hit combo while ALSO removing enemies buffs/shields

Standard Attack: Interesting random debuff system and a good attack

Chase: Great damage

Passive 1: debuff immunity is amazing but the revive conditions might be hard to fulfill sometimes

Passive 2: interesting new type of revive passive but it might be hard to use it unless kakuzu is a pos3-4 ninja

Really interesting ninja, it's just a shame that he doesn't have that chakra buff passive as Grudge Kakuzu has. He has a really stronge mystery,standard and chase but his both passives are more on the pos3-4 support ninja style

However he is still definitely a good usable ninja

1. Earth Main


2. Earth Main 2


3. Fire Main


Expensive and kinda immortal

4. Water Main


Revive and revive with the strong stacking Kushina

Some other good pos1 ninjas can act as a replacement also

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