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[ Ninja Exam ] Ninja Exam 385 Lightning Main


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Hey guys!





Screenshot_7 (2)

Wave 1:

Round 1: Use Naruto mystery on Choji

Round 2: Lightning Main mystery on Madara

Round 3++ : middle team should be dead, just spam Edo Hiruzen and Choji mysteries until the puppets are dead (Choji mystery in order to get the hit combos and to stack his passive buff)

Make sure to kill the puppets with either poison or Edo Hiruzen mystery, save Choji mystery for the next wave at the end

Wave 2:

Round 1: Naruto mystery on Choji, Choji mystery on Danzo, Lightning Main mystery on Danzo

Hopefully Danzo and the middle team should be mostly dead after that, just spam mysteries until the puppets die

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