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Attacks miss


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Is this a common bug where aoe attacks randomly miss characters?

I dont remember this being an issue back when edo hiruzen was first added, but for a while now I have been noticing this, I dont know if they changed it to work this way since these types of attacks say " attacks up to x units" or its a bug.

For example in rogue ninja capture I will use kimi halloween team, his mystery hits 9 enemies, there are 4 enemies on the field and for some reason one of them will escape his mystery without taking any damage

It happens for all aoe attacks in my account, kimi, edo hiruzen, edo hashi, agk, kisame sb etc etc

And it is not a simple case of characters dodging and me not paying attention, it happens with the orochimaru rogue ninja which has no dodging characters, it happens with the gaara sealed ninja which is just gaara,bee sst, mabui, it even happens against players. Today during a plunder a person running a lightning blitz team somehow had their main come out of my kimi mystery completely un*hed.

It does not happen every single time I use those types of attacks, but frequently enough that it is a problem and worth mentioning

* Little update, I done training grounds tonight using a kakashi summer fronted team and the problem happened multiple times there too. One particular example my enemy had 2 characters left, bee 8 tails and cee, somehow my kakashis "unmissable" mystery hit bee but didnt do a single point of damage to cee

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  • Tachibana Saeko On 2020-10-24 11:39:39
  • Hello,
    I've never seen nor heard of this bug. Have you managed to screen record this happening?

Not at the moment, will try to catch it if it happens in rogue outburst today

YujinTakara, hopefully thats not the case, I have a fiber connection and am not experiencing issues with much more taxing games than this, but I have followed your suggestions and we will see how it goes. Thank you

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