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[ Suggestions ] movements=improvements=better game experience


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1st) we have already suggested this, nothing happened, but i will bring it back, one more time. we do thousand clicks when we have to upgrade magatamas. adding one "bar" with which we will decide how many level1 or level2 magatamas (these 2 levels are what we collect the most from sweeping the NE), will make our game life easier and not boring.

2nd) when we are inside arena, we dont have access to our ninja menu. 2 things i think it will help all the players. first, it will help us changing the tactic system if needed and second it will help us changing our skill trial for the units that we want add into team for our fights.

i m having more suggestions but i think that these are for another post.

good day to all.

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You are correct, these have already been suggested! However, I will submit them again! Thanks!

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