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[ Suggestions ] Adding a new banner for ninjas


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I've thought about this a while ago. Just never thought of putting my idea on the forums. A while back, when I was in a newbie group in my server, in world chat, people would talk about an old meta of Hidan and I think it was school uniform Sakura. (dont know the title or that one because I dont have her and she doesnt show up in the list of ninja) I asked about that Sakura and they replied she isn't available anymore. So after a while, I had a thought. Add a another banner in the recruit tab for old event ninja. They may not be usable at this point, but they would provide people who don't have them extra stars to get more stats, and newer players more of a choice to on making teams.

This part would most likely not be possible because of them being new and the devs wanting us to work on getting new ninja, but just a thought to add on. In the banner, throw in new low tier event ninja into it.

Edit: I told a friend about this, they asked if I meant like the summons from treasures. I'm so used to cacha games on the phone, I call them banners. But Yes, I mean treasures, where you get Madara[Founder] etc....

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Hello, thank you for your suggestion. I will pass it along!

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